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Inpatient Research Unit

The eating disorders inpatient unit is located on 4 Center at New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI). This 12-bed unit provides evidence-based clinical treatment for individuals with eating disorders who agree to participate in research and who meet the eligibility requirements of the research currently being conducted. Clinical treatment begins upon admission; the team is dedicated to providing each individual with the best possible treatment while participating in research protocols.

The clinical and research staff are happy to address any concerns that arise surrounding research, and individuals are free to withdraw from a protocol at any time. There are no charges to individuals or to their insurance for the research or clinical phases of the hospital stay on the research unit. There may however be charges to insurance, if it is available, for general medical tests or consultations by other medical specialists that are not part of the research or routine clinical care. Research beds operate independently of any length of stay limitations.

Participation in our program is voluntary. Those interested first call our intake line at 646-774-8066 to speak with a staff member who asks a series of questions. If it seems that you are potential candidate for our program, follow up interviews will be scheduled during which time the details of the program and particular studies will be described.

Further information on some of our current research studies can be found by clicking the link below.


Outpatient Research

Those who are eligible for outpatient studies are seen by the research team on the 2nd floor of NYSPI. Studies may involve medications, a particular type of psychotherapy, computer tasks, observations of eating behaviors, or imaging procedures. If there is a treatment component offered during or after the study, it will be provided by one of the psychologists or psychiatrists on our team at no cost. Some participants are enrolled upon discharge from their inpatient stay if there is a relevant study.

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