Columbia University Medical Center
Ranked #1 in Psychiatry
U.S. News & World Report
Ranked #1 in Research Funding
National Institutes of Health
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell


Columbia University Department of Psychiatry Administration

Jeffrey Lieberman, MD
Chairman, Department of Psychaitry and Director, NYSPI
Lourival Baptista-Neto, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical Services
Anke Ehrhardt, PhD
Vice Chair for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development
Fred Kass, MD
Vice Chair for Strategic Development
David Lowenthal, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical Faculty Development
Maria Oquendo, MD
Vice Chair for Education and Director of Residency Training
Harold A. Pincus, MD
Vice Chair for Strategic Initiatives
David Strauss, MD
Vice Chair for Research Administration, Ethics and Policy
Rosellen Taraborrelli
Vice Chair for Administration and Finance
Amy Bennett-Staub
Deputy Director, Quality Management, NYSPI
Janelle Greenhill
Director, Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene
Stuart Linder
Interim Deputy Director of Administration, NYSPI
Ilene Wilets, PhD
Executive Director, Institutional Review Board



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