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Update: Post-Hurricane Planning - Recovery Phase

October 31, 2012

 To All NYSPI Staff:


The NYPSI Incident Command Center has been open since 5:00 PM Sunday (10/28) and will close today at 1 p.m. Please direct all calls to Safety at 212-543-5100.
We expect most operations to slowly return to normal in the next few days.  Since the subway is still not operational employees from the outer boroughs continue to have difficulty getting into work. Employees in Manhattan can now access bus service, although the service is slow. Please leave extra travel time.
We recommend that Division and Program heads work with their staff to create car pools for outer borough employees if possible.  To assist in matching rides and passengers, we will post a Travel Bulletin board outside the Safety desk in the main lobby of 1051 Riverside Drive.  The board will be available for posting information regarding individuals who are driving to work and are willing to car pool with other employees in their neighborhood.  (Note that garage parking will not be open to car pools unless they carry essential staff.) The Parking Garage will continue to be open to employees in essential services. Essential employees include those staff working on the inpatient units, outpatient WHCS, animal service staff, housekeeping, nutrition, safety, engineering and facilities management. 
Please check updates on travel.  
We expect staffing problems to persist in our critical areas until subway service is fully operational. We are making all attempts to get as many individuals into work as possible and encourage everyone to speak directly with their supervisors. 
We will continue to have employees who are working through this weekend stay at the facility because of limited travel options to their homes. Please make sure all staff that is staying overnight check in with Safety.
We appreciate the dedication and hard work of those individuals who pitched in and made it possible for us to provide services and keep everyone safe! 







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