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Adolescent Services

The Adolescent Program, part of the Columbia Day Program, is an outpatient clinical service for high school students ages 15-18, either currently attending school in New York City or returning from out-of-town boarding schools for care.


Referral Line: 212-326-8441

Our Mission

Adolescence is a compelling time of life when physical and psychological growth proceed at an incredible pace. When young people struggle with behavioral, emotional or learning issues, their success in high school and in their personal lives is at risk. Their families are often in crisis. The longer an adolescent struggles, the more likely his or her healthy development is compromised. We at The Adolescent Program are here to intervene quickly with the highest quality behavioral health care to help teenagers get back on track.

Our Program

The Adolescent Program, part of the Columbia Day Program, is an outpatient clinical service for high school students ages 15-18, either currently attending school in New York City or returning from out-of-town boarding schools for care. Our program has two tracks based on intensive group therapy. One is structured day treatment for adolescents unable to attend school and the second is an after-school program for those adolescents still in school. We are geared to work with young people with complicated problems including depression or anxiety, risk behavior including self-injury, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, eating disorders and substance use. In our decades of work with young adults attending college, we learned the value of providing earlier intervention in the developmentally critical high school years. We offer care and support to facilitate young people’s successful transition to college.

Why Columbia

As one of the world’s premier departments of psychiatry, Columbia Psychiatry is committed to exceptional patient care and leading-edge research. The close collaboration between our physicians and scientists enables us to provide patients with the best care available today. Your child’s mental health deserves the finest evidence-based treatment delivered by leaders in the field.

Our Services

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is one of the best-proven methods to deal with impulsive, aggressive, and self-damaging behavior, and is our primary method of treatment. Developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Marsha Linehan, it has been demonstrated in numerous research studies to help motivated individuals with these problems develop greater insight and self-control. We offer adolescent and multi-family DBT skills training groups, and our skills training groups focus on five different modules and their associated challenges:

  • Mindfulness
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Walking the Middle Path
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness


Substance Use

The Adolescent Program offers DBT-based substance use treatment, as well as multi-family groups for adolescents and families struggling with substance use disorders.


Because academic life is central to an adolescent’s identity, we address it as an integral part of treatment. Every person’s academic functioning will be evaluated as part of an initial comprehensive diagnostic workup. We will provide treatment as needed for ADHD, executive function deficits, and problems with concentration that may arise from depression and anxiety. Our program offers these services:

  • Neuropsychological testing/review of preexisting test results
  • Cognitive remediation
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral interventions for ADHD
  • Medication management

We offer on-site academic support services including study skills training, assignment planning, and subject-specific tutoring. Many students with cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, and psychiatric illness may qualify for academic accommodations; ACT will provide guidance to families and help facilitate the qualification process. Finally, we offer assistance for the college admissions process, through collaboration with Advantage Testing, widely regarded to be the nation’s preeminent tutorial service.



The Family Clinic at the Columbia Day Program provides family-focused services to the loved ones of our patients. At the Family Clinic we view recovery of each patient as a journey the family takes together. Using a variety of family therapy modalities we help families step out of negative cycles of interaction into more positive ones that accurately reflect the shared values of commitment, optimism and hope among members of the family.

  • Family or Couple Therapy Consultation and Therapy
  • Multiple-Family Therapy Psychoeducation Groups
  • Multiple-Family Dialectical Behavior (DBT) Family Groups
  • Parent Support Groups
  • The Maudsley Approach - A Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders
  • Community Reinforcement and Family Training - CRAFT



Research shows that programs have better results when clinical outcomes are monitored and the information gathered by clinicians guides patient care. E60th has embarked on building a comprehensive database to follow patients. Currently, we have a secure, confidential web portal where patients, their therapists, and family members provide information regularly during an episode of care. This information is used to track patient progress, identify problems, and provide timely feedback to patients, therapists, and caregivers.



Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or to make a referral, please call 212-326-8441


You can find out more about our developmental neuropsychiatry services by visiting our website.

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